I've had it with these 'Oh woe is me because no one loves me anymore' posts. Do me a favour, suck it up. You won't garner any sympathy from me with some little validation seeking post.

I'm not ragging on angsting in general, because we all do it once in a while. Or even the specific posts that should rightly get feedback (ie, fanfic). What I'm referring to, are those people who flail about because there's a lack of comments on their journal and they're just aiming for some pity and attention.

Oh I feel soooo terrible, so here's a comment just so you feel better because I stopped caring about you and your life. Oh gosh, no really. I APOLOGISE. I WON'T APOLOGISE. It may have failed to occur to you that this here eljay land? Doesn't revolve around your itty bitty journal. Shocking, I know. Would you like a padded cushion for when you fall back to reality?

I've been around the bloglands for a few years now and I've seen it all over the place, I suppose that kind of self centred bullshit would turn up here too. You cannot force people to comment, we owe you nothing. There isn't a single person on my flist whose entries I've always replied to. Not a single one. And you know what? If people started commenting on every single bloody post I made, I'd seriously be doubting their sincerity.

Just because I don't comment on an entry, doesn't mean I didn't read it. I read them all. If I started to skip entries, I'd just unfriend you. I'm not biased on what I comment on either, so don't assume I won't comment on something that isn't 'About The Fandom'.

I don't know about anyone else, but here's why I don't comment on every entry I see:

1. I have nothing to contribute.
2. Whatever was needed to be said has been done and I'm not going to be Repeato Girl.
4. I have no idea what the hell you're on about, so is there any need for me to pointlessly say "I have no idea what you're on about."?
5. I really couldn't being to formulate a response to what you've said.
6. I feel that *hugs* isn't an adequate reply to anything. I never do *hugs*. Everyone does *hugs*.
7. You're upset and I can't help with words.

Oh, and also? Don't filter me out of the majority of your posts. Do I look completely stupid to you? Sod off.
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if we never make it back to how far
we've come along this way
we search around for solid ground
that will help to carry us away
if the memories I left throw the light
that helps to guide you through
trickle down to our goodbyes